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Well I have no pics but I plan on getting them this weekend when I go up there to do a few things.

I did go up there last weekend real quick and he is making some good progress. The front was almost done and the sliders were about there. He was working on the front fender armor. Its looking real good. I would have preferred more of an angle for the stinger but I never really told him exactly what I wanted and left most of it to him. Its looks good anyway.

On Saturday I'm running up there with the tires, going to mount the winch, and finish cutting out the wheelwells. We are going to figure out the placement of the seats and the harness mounts at the same time. I also have my distribution block from a military truck ready to go where the starter battery and winch will pull off of but I may not get that part done.

He does have his site up though. I need to get around to geting a link to it done from the main page. Just seems that there is never enough time to get stuff done.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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