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I think I'm on my A$$ Today.

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It been a rough week, Work has sucked, classes were hard, kids are sick. It time to leave work, Fire up the motorcycle and go. :thumb:

I'll log on Monday or something. :deal: :mrgreen:

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Well got a movie and some koozies on there way to you :thumb:
i feel ya

i feel ya man AJ took the weekend off so i got stuck at home all weekend friday saturday sunday with my sweet one it is friday night we have been together only 5 hours and i think there might be a death. . . . mine or hers suicide is an option at this point LOL :firedevi: :firedevi: :firedevi:
Well I went for a heck of a Motorcycle ride on Friday. 8)

Hooked up with about 6 other bikes from work and we ended up in Lava and had some beers and stuff. What a great way to unwind. :thumb:

That good Matt, but it is now Sunday and I am back in town with your movie and the coozies and you won't answer the phone. Anyway, just just stop by after work and grab it or I can bring it to the meeting Tuesday, just let me know, or even call me and leave a messsage if I don't answer.... later man
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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