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How's this for the new site logo....

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what do you think?
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I like it... :thumb:

I tried to locate a satelite picture with North Armerica showing... no luck.... but I think this will do..... Lets see what the Site Admin says..... 8)
Looks good to me. :thumb: I've been dealing with new baby and visiting relatives so I havnt had a chance to work on it much. I think next week, I'll get it all done and under the new URL.

I think that logo will go in the top center box and then accross the top, I'll just add in some more pics. Thanks for the work. :deal: :mrgreen:

no problem

That was a quickie with low budget programs here at work.... if you want I can make a 'clean one' and send you an uncompressed version in large res so you can modify and resize without degradation.... let me know
Hey, I'll take it. :thumb:

thanks for the efforts man. :mrgreen:

again... no problem...


Give me a few days.... I know you are busy with the new addition to the family... so enjoy the sleepness nights... hehehehe :thumb:
That is a a groovy looking logo kudos to river beast :rotfl:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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