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House Mountain run

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A couple of us got together and did some mild wheeling. We started off in outside of Prairie and ended up by Ice Springs. Just mainly an easy trail ride and some time to do a little exploring..... We started making some plans for a 2 day ride through the Boise National Forest. We kinda planned on starting in prairie, then to Pine, then Atlanta, then make our way eventually to 21 above Idaho City.

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Forgot to mention that the cruiser slid off in a slimy spot in the road and had to be pulled out the the Sammi!!

Ok, so the sammi really didn't pull out the cruiser, but we did try to use it....

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Hey Ken.....were you up at Deer Creek this weekend??? My cousin said he saw a black jeep up there and that the owners knew me?? He also said that the owner ran an off road shop in Boise, so I figured it was probably you??

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