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Holley Truck Avenger Carb

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Well I just layed out the cash for the Truck Avenger Carb. I hope to have it on and go next week. :twisted:
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Let us know how it does. I've heard mixed feelings about it.
How much did it cost you?

It was $350 shipped to my door.
Thats not too bad.

Well I got the carb on and running. It is a great carb so far. Easy install and it fired right up. The thing runs like a raped ape. I will let you all know how it performs off road shortly. :twisted:
Well I have had the carb on for 3 weeks now. I bought it from JcWhitney for $350 shipped to my door. It came and I went to it putting it on my rig. Since I already had a Holley it bolted right in. I bolted it on and hooked all the vacumn and fuel lines up. I primed it and then fired it up. It ran smooth right out of the box. I adjusted the fuel levels, which was a breeze with the factory clear sight plugs. I then took it for a spin around the block and loved the performance. I RTI'ed my jeep with the new carb and ramped a 870 and the carb idled fantasticly. Today I went wheeling with it. I can't make the thing miss a beat. I went up several steep (very steep) hills with large bumps and the carb didn't even flinch. I found some off camber spots ~35 degrees and the carb would idle like it was sitting on flat ground. I love this carb and in three days I will fully test it in Moab . This carb was a true bolt and go. (for me )I would recommend this carb based on my experiences.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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