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I found this write up on another site, found it interesting. I like the part about Tread Lightly.


1. Stay on the trail. Don't drive off through "untracked" wildereness trying to be the first one to ever drive your rig "where no man has gone before." Don't make your own short cuts on the trail.

2. If you go through a gate, leave it as you found it. Nothing makes a landowner more upset than when a gate's postion is changed, cutting off livestock from food or water, or allowing them to escape.

3. If you are about to enter or need to enter private land, be sure to get permission first.

4. Keep the noise and dust down. Both are a form of pollution and you should respect others who are on the trail with you.

5. Yeild the right of way to bikers, hikers, and people on horse-back. Be especially careful when around animals. Pull to the side of the trail; turn off your engine and be quiet; not making any sudden movements until they pass.

6. Yeild the right of way to drivers on the up hill grade or those who are overtaking you.

7. Take a track down the middle of the trail if you can. Avoid widening the trail.

8. Cross streams only at fording points.

There are five basic principles in the words TREAD lightly! Travel only where permited. Respect the rights of others. Educate yourself. Avoid streams, meadows, and wildlife, etc. Drive and travel responsible.

Tread lightly also means leaving no trace of your visit.
* Pack it in...pack it out! Leave only your tracks.
* Leave what you find - Picture and trash are the only things you should take.


1. Buckle up! In some places this isn't a is mandatory that everyone be properly secured in the rig.

2. Travel with a group and preferably with someone who has been on the trail before.

3. Have a citizen's band radio. Establish the "tactical net" you will be using as a group. Having a cellular phone can also be helpful, but the coverage may be very limited.

4. Don't drink and drive. The correlation between consumption and damage or injury is significant. Besides, it's against the law.

5. Build plenty of time into your schedule so that you don't have to drive after dark.

6. Keep a reasonable distance between rigs. Give those around you plenty of room to maneuver.

7. Do not speed or use the trail as a race track.

8. Minimize the use of fire. A wildfire can change an area for hundreds of years. Use fire wisely and safely.
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