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Hey, Mr. Sandman

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Do you have a part number for your alternator pulley? I'm fixing to do the serp. conversion on my truck, I already have the other pulleys.

Also, what was the application for your alternator? Does it still have the small case or is it the larger one?

Thanks. :thumb:
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Ummm. The serpantine pulley came with the alternator. The alternator was for something like an '87 Suburban with the towing package and all air and stuff. It is like a 95 amp alternator and is the small housing. Bolted right up to the brackets and are the same for a big block or small block. You could easily get the pully from GM as it is the same for SB or BB. the other two pully's are different though. Good luck with the swap. It totally fixed a squeeking, belt throwing problem that I had.

I found a pulley a couple hours ago. He's supposed to be sending it to me. Thanks for the info. I'll probably upgrade the alternator later on when I can afford it or mine goes out.
Good luck with it. :thumb:

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