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anyone got an ignition switch that will work in my '73 blazer?
no keys for mine.......
and... how do I pull it?
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Are you talking about the lock cylinder or the electrical switch down on the column?

Switch: It is down on the column and is held on with two screws (usually 5/16").

Lock Cylinder: You will have to pull the steering wheel, lock plate, and I believe the turn signal switch has to be pulled out of the way. Then you should see a screw towards the top right, remove it and the cylinder should slide out. I have also seen one that was held in some other way than with a screw, it may have been the one on my scout, but I dont really remember. They are all basically the same.

To pull the steering wheel you will need two 5/16" bolts (The long Quadrajet bolts are perfect) and a puller (I usually use a harmonic balancer puller).
key switch

yeah, I am talking about the lock cylinder... I don't see a screw anywhere?
there are 4 little screws that hold that little section of the column there, and when I undo them, it lets that part of the column slide out if you can get it past the turn signal switch... my turn signal switch is busted too, so how do I unhook it from the wiring? Still hoping someone has an old lock cylinder they will donate..
Thanks guys!
You are too far into it. Although, since you're there it would be a good idea to put some locktight on those bolts and make sure they're tight.

The bolt that holds the cylinder in is just under the turn signal switch, towards the top right. Yours may be the other type that I mentioned, I think it may have had a clip holding it in, not real sure.

There is a plug just past the dash for the signal switch. Undo that and you should be able to pull the plug up through the column long ways.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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