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help! need advice on truck

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Hey all. I have a chance to buy 2 4x4 chevy trucks from a friend of mine. 1 is a 1/2 ton and the other is a 3/4 ton, both are between '74 and '78. The 1/2 ton is a 4 speed, 10 bolt front, 12 bolt rear, 350 (doesn't run, good for parts, has headers), good body, 3" body lift, I think it has add-a-leafs, ( sits kinda tall ), ok interior. He told me $300. The 3/4 ton isn't in as good of shape. It has all body parts, some not in as good of shape, It ran when parked, 10 bolt front, 12 bolt rear, auto not sure what kind, 350. I might be able to get both for ~$500. I want to buy them but I was curious what you guys had to say. Are the 3/4 axles any better than the 1/2 ton axles? What kind of transfer cases would these truck have?

Also, (I know this is kinda another topic but...) I have been looking at lifts. I read that for the back you can use some f-150 rear leafs (57") and some modified shackles (flipped??) and you can get 6" of lift and they are really flexy. Is this true? Is there a way to do something like this for the front?
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Sounds like it might be a good deal. 12 bolt rears around here go around $450 or so. MAyby you could swap the one motor into the better truck and part out the other one to make your money back.

In that year I would bet on an automatic, you have a 203 most likely and on the manual, you would have the 205.

I have a homemade rear shackle lift on the back of mine wich gives you 4" of lift. I also plan on going with the Ford springs in the rear. Supposed to give a better ride and more flex. I know that actual lift seems to vary from rig to rig on this mod. I'm hoping for around 5" when I do it.

The front gets a little more dicey as there are other forces involved due to the steering. I know other people have swapped in longer springs with good results but it started to handle bad on the street.

Yuo should check out this place: Colorado K5

Loads and loads of info over there. You might notice who wrote some of the tech articles. :thumb:

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lol....our fancy-famous GM guru himself!
:finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
:finger: :rotfl:

My springs are alot longer and they are alright on the street if I hooked up the sway bar they would probably be fairly good. :rotfl: :rotfl:
lol... no more almost tipping over on flat ground when ya turn?? :deal: :finger: :finger: :finger:
You really gotta come over and see it AJ the difference between now and then is amazing and I am still going to move the springs outboard from where they are now hopefully very soon :rotfl: :rotfl:
lol..... sweet deal man! can't wait to see it!
500.00 for two trucks THAT is a good deal. 12bolt are not bad for 37's and below 14ff are the best choice for that. 10 bolt well I have one and its pretty tough with some upgrades to it.
:? I didnt know they made a 3/4 ton 12 bolt or 10 bolt ?
They did'nt that I'm aware of. He's just learning about it.

ah 3/4 ton's hada 14ff rear and a dan44 front mostly
I have a friend with a '79 3/4-ton Suburban that has a 8-lug 10-bolt front with a 12-bolt rear. Maybe it is a light-duty 3/4-ton or a heavy-1/2 ton.
Strangly enough I saw my Uncles pickup just a couple of days ago and it is 8 lug but says heavy half on it it was definately not a ff 14b and I don't know when the semifloater 14b came out or what it looks like, the truck is like an 81 or 82 so mabey there was a 8 lug 12 bolt Chevy has been known to do some strange stuff :rotfl: :rotfl:
Ive seen those too, it was either an 8 lug 12 bolt, or an 8 lug D44.... .I've seen both ways, and the only thing that is different that I can tell is the different hub and rotor..
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