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Just wanted to say hello! New to this site but some of you may know me from CK5.
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heya, nicetameetcha!
:beer: :beer: :beer:
Never heard of you. :finger:

Sandman said:
Never heard of you. :finger:
:finger: right back at ya there bud! :finger:
I bought my beadlocks from kert grade A stuff!!! :thumb:
They are on my "want" list. Glad you finally made it over here :thumb:
Yeah should have registered over here a while ago. Controling the growth of the company a little bit. Don't want it to grow so fast I can't handle it and get a bad rep. :thumb:
Yeah no kidding. I think we've all seen what can happen to good people. :?

Yep. I'm not about to let that happen. So far everybody seems to like my stuff and I think I've done well with customer service and a big one for me is being up front about lead times and things of that nature.
Welcome, I like the looks of those beadlock kits...
good to have ya, can you make the bead lock rings out of aluminum? :mrgreen:
Not yet but maybe some day. If and when I do I will make them so anybody that wishes to jump from steel to aluminum can simply but new bolt on rings. Bolt patterns will be the same so it will be like an upgrade.
I was thinking inner and outer rings to weld to an aluminum wheel, I don't work with aluminum much so I'm not sure the cost difference :? , something to think about :thumb:
Biggest problem with laser cutting aluminum is the way it handles heat. It's weird. It disipates it so quickly you have to cut alot hotter. You end up frying lenses. It also tends to reflect the beam a bit which is also hard on lenses. You can combat this by or dying the surface. Then you also have to get into a really hard grade of aluminum to combat against garring from rocks and that sort of thing. So by the time you get that high grade aluminum DA'd and cut you have alot of expense built up. I've looked into it pretty seriously but I don't think the benefits can outweigh the costs. The only way I could do it is if I add a water jet to the equipment roster. So, not to say that it is impossible just hard to do for a DIY kit. Tigging welding them on would be the shiznitz. I also think I would have to make them thicker to be as rigid as steel so weight savings would be a moot point.
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right on :( I knew welding them on would be a bitch, I have an extra set of al. wheels thought it might be worth a try :thumb: thanks man :mrgreen:
How much wider do the steel beadlock rims make the wheel? :rotfl: :rotfl:
I'd say they make the rim 1 to 1.5" wider. Depending on a few differnet things such as bead thickness and type of rim being used. I've been reading your other posts and to be quite honest you'd be better off finding different wheels. Not trying to talk you out of buying them but talk ya into buying them for wheels that will work better for you.
Welcome to the site. I am the resident lurker. I read alot, just don't type much, cause every point I have somebody else has beat me to it.... :banghead:
I will get some other steel rims probably a 8" wide and do the beadlocks on there. Do you make them for 16" and 17" wheels too. The disc brake conversion I want to do on the back looks like it will require at least 16" wheels 17s would be better. Of course I don't have any of the parts yet and most of them are custom stuff anyway so I could change it but given the oppurtunity to move to a bigger wheel diameter I will if I can :rotfl: :rotfl:
Hello mr. TRD

blazinzuk, A friend of mine is running the disc conversion on 15" wheels. He has something like 2.5" back space but no grinding was required. Just and FYI>
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