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Looks like a few fellow wheeler boards were attacked with success today or yesterday. :?

Snake River Kanyon Krawlers and The HBRK Crew got thier boards broken into. They are currently fixing the problems. The particular hack was fixed on this board last week and just in time. Just looking at today, there have been 14 attempts to gain access.

IF you know of a board that runs phpBB like this one and they are not running the latest version, please tell them to upgrade. There are some out there but I will not post them as its just a burning flag. There are users here that are mods on them (hint hint), so please look into it.

If you want details of the hack and what you need to do to clean it up, PM me or go to the board maker as there is info there as well. Hacked people can suffer mild forum changes to being completely wiped out or extra files on the server leaving a backdoor. I had the extra files and also an injected code problem about a month and a half ago. Some of you will painfully remember that.

All of my attacks were from another country so, what are you going to do? You just fix the problem and move on. If its in the country, you can compain the the hackers ISP if it has not been spoofed or something. IF they care, they will do something about it. If not, good luck.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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