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A guy in a gun forum I sometimes go to said something about a gun show in the boise area so I asked him about it and he said he saw an ad in the idaho statesman. Here is the ad he said was in the paper:

uhm i found this at the idahostateman
. GUN, COIN & OUTDOOR SHOW Johnson's Sport Center on the Campus of NNU, Nampa. March 18 & 19 Bring in this ad for $1 off. Vendor Tables still available. Contact Rocky Mountain Promotions, 208-684-4881.
The Idaho Statesman Subclassification: Guns 3/13/2005

I couldn't find anything about it and went to NNU's website and couldn't even find a "Joshnson's Sport Center" anywhere mentioned or on their campus map. Anyone know anything about this or about Joshnson's Sport Center.
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