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Grandfather Passed away last night.

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Looks like I'll be heading to Medford, OR for the funeral. Its going to be a military sendoff I understand. He was in his 80's so he did live a decent life. It still sucks though. :(

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Matt, I sorry for your loss man. :( Please give my condolences to your wife and her family from me and my family... My father in law passed away 5 years ago so I now how ya feel man....
It was mine so I'm just going to the funeral next week. Think I'm going to drive it strait through. Too much hassle to bring the whole family right now. Oh well.

Sorry to hear that. :(
Thanks for the support guys. Looks like I'm hitting the road at the crack of dawn. Its about a 14 drive depending onn traffic. Large parts of it are on 2 lane roads. :banghead:

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