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Grand Cherokee Owners

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Are there any Grand owners in here?
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Nope...just the big FSJ's.... Paul's and mine so far.....
69 J3000 here... in process of putting a chev 350 in it....
I havent heard of any GCs on the list but we have a whole lot of collective knowledge here :rotfl: :rotfl:
Has anyone seen my jeep?

I have had my Jeep for a long time... my folks got it brand new for me... now it is gone, and I was hoping anyone in the colorado, new mexico, utah, wyoming area can keep an eye out at some events... thank you! 8)
I'll give you a list of what it had.. hope it still does...
*34x10.50 tires
*15x8 American Racing Rims
*6" of lift by Rubicon Express
*4.5 springs 2" spacers in the front along with quick disconnects
*front : limited slip by Detroit True Trac 4.56:1 gears and new axle shafts
*nv242 transfer case with a slip yoke eliminator
*rear end: 4.5" springs with 1.5" shackles Dana Spicer Trac Lok raped with 4.56:1 gears
*Custom exhaust
*cold air intake
*Inside is a Pioneer deck with Kicker 6x9 and 6.25 and a Serwivega amp
*Behind the back seat sits two Kicker solo baric 12s with a thousand watt amp
*A home made rack on the roof

Here's a link to an album i created... it has a few pics of my jeep in it...
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Sounds like it got stolen? :angryfir:

You should make a new post in the General 4x4 with a pic and what happened. :deal:

I'm sure everybody here will keep their eyes open.

I have an '87 Laredo. Not a grand but sounds like one of the few cherokees here.
Grand Cherokee's

Hey I just bought a 1993 Grand Cherokee Limited. It's also stock but only till it's paid off then it will be getting a 2-3 in lift and all the sliders and rock bumpers. So right now it looks like a soccer mom rig. If anyone knows of a company that has a really good price on a lift please post right now I am looking at one that is 2 in lift for 369.00
95 ZJ 3 inch rancho trail ready bumper 31s warn winch tomken sliders tuffy box


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One Here

'04 Jeep GC Spec. Edit. 4X4 V-8. Revos 245/75/16, front tow hooks, TC skid. OME steering stabilizer. Soon to be added: Gas & front skid, 2"BB, Skyjacker Hydro shocks, JKS discos. :mrgreen:
I own a 04 WJ w/ a 2.5 OME lift/SS
245x75 BFG MT's
I love it
It's amazing on the trail
When I lived in Alaska I had a 95 ZJ Orvis edition W/ a 1.75in BB on it W/BDS shocks, ARB Bull Bar, Warn 9000 lb winch, and 31x10.50 TRXUS MT's. I loved it But it only had a 4.0 in it, and I had 2 other Jeeps(55 CJ 5,03 Rubicon) so I sold it.
This guy is in Utah and he has everything you need for ZJ's,WJ's,and XJ's. Good prices too.
I just moved here(Rexburg) from Michigan. I have a FSJ too!!!
A 79 4door Cherokee you might have seen me cruisin around in it. It's hard to miss w/ a 9 ft Army antenna on the back bumper.!!!
Of course there are Grand Cherokee owners on here.

I have a 98. Had a stock body and motor... that's about it.
I had a 98 ZJ Limited. 4.5" Rubicon Express superflex system. Unbeatable for a bolt on. Might be more money than you want to spend. After I added RE adjustable track bars front and rear, JKS "Quicker" disconnects, and good shocks, I was into the suspension almost $1800. It worked awesome though! Fit 32's and just minor rubbing when flexed/turning. Great on the road too.
We've got two, lifted, sliders, 33's ect. They're great, work well, lots of room, and the a/c is much better than my cj during the summer months
We've got a '96. Mild lift (2"?) and 31" tires.
I've got a 94 GC with 1.5" lift and 31" tires after market wheels and just got my 3.5" lift front tuff country that will be going on asap should have 5 to 5.5"of lift we'll see what happens.
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