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Got a new truck

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Wednesday I traded my Silverado in on a new truck. It's an 03 S10, ext. cab, 4wd, 4.3L, with the 5 spd tranny. I'm liking it pretty well so far. :razz: I will post pics when I get some.

BTW: I now have 5 4wd trucks.
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sweet post some pics. you almost have one for everday of the week. :thumb: :firedevi:
Almost? Doesn't everyone have a for everday of the week. I have a great programmer.
Looks good. Nice truck. Glad to see it in the dirt. :thumb:

Thanks. I'm taking it to the dunes this weekend since my K10 decided everything was gonna crap out at once.

I got gear oil leaking into my tranny (I hope it was just a clogged vent), huge oil leak, front driveshaft broke a few weeks ago, it's leaning to the right (mismatched/worn springs) and I found out last night that my t-case adapter broke. :angryfir:

I think I'm just gonna give it a rest until next summer when I can spend some time/money on it. I want to do some more work on the scout anyway.
ouch, thats alot of work ahead of you! I wish I could hurry up and get the rest of the stuff I need for my CJ, I hate it sitting here and not being able to go wheeling in it! I think I may have another of my rigs sold, and that will pay for my D60, and a detroit for the rear....
anyone want to buy a Honda 350X 3 wheeler? :deal: :deal: :deal:
Too bad its not a 4 wheeler. :?

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