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Gave the Rocksliders the "Field Test"

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Good thing they were there or more than just the door woulod have ate it!

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Cool pic, It was cool watching you come up threw a sarden can size shoot. Did you weld those on?
Right now they are just bolted on. they loosed up quite a bit so I think I'll have to weld them on. they still did a good job. I would love to see that video. Right now its back in the garage, I'm trying to get the exaust put together solid so it doesnt sound like a mud bogger. :mrgreen:

I'll brying or give the video to Brant for the next meeting or we could all get together and drink beer and watch the 4x4 videos. I should have my rig back from Steve (I.F 4x4 member) this weekend or early next week. I had him build me front and rear bumpers as well as rock sliders. I'll post some pics then.
we could all get together and drink beer and watch the 4x4 videos
Now your talking. :mrgreen:

Hey Matt, did you find a price on those RS5012?
Looks like I can get them in for $43. That includes shipping.

Is that a piece?
It is.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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