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freakin' builders

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I bought a house that was about 3 years old. The previous owners lived there of a few months and let it go back to the bank. The house set vacant for a while before I bought it. Anyway I picked it up in November for a good deal. We went all winter with high heating bills. I called the gas company to see what the bill was in the past because I thought I had a leak. They said it was close to what I was paying. I checked with the people that live in the surrounding houses to compare bills, I justified the higher bill because of the kids baths and laundry. Now it starts to get hot out side and my house wouldn't get any cooler than 86. :angryfir: I had the system checked out and no problems found. Come to find out I have no insulation in the attic at all. With a heated debate with the builder I finally got the insulation installed like it should have been in the first place. What I can't believe is that three inspectors signed off on the job. I guess they were too lazy to look. :banghead:
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Yeah, you should have seen have FAST they fixed that! They got you sprayed within what, 3hrs of your phone call? No tellin how ugly that may have been without there cooperation. People would have been losing jobs, I'll bet!

BTW, you're finally "cool" :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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