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Flex pics with 52" Front Springs

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Finally running around. Took some quick pics just to see how everything worked out.

This was the best I could find locally but I have a few small bugs to work out. Tires fit real fine. I might even be able to fit some 42" even.

The 52" front springs give about 4.5" of lift and I have a 1" body lift. Front axle is moved forward about 3.25".

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that's awesome!! :thumb:

do you have a side shot of your rig sitting on level ground??
Looks good. :thumb: How does it ride?
Thats nice Matt. Me like :thumb: :rotfl: :rotfl:
It seems to ride pretty smooth. I still have the shackles cranked down with an impact and the shock angle is pretty bad also. I'll get it all worked out before I head over to Boise. :mrgreen:

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Matt do me a favor measure from the ground to the body line right behind the door I want to see where mine compares to yours. :rotfl: :rotfl:
what size of meats are you running?

Looks badass! Ready to put some new scratches and dents on it :mrgreen:
blazinzuk said:
Matt do me a favor measure from the ground to the body line right behind the door I want to see where mine compares to yours. :rotfl: :rotfl:
Right at 53" :thumb:


I cant wait, I am going to start putting my 52's in tommorow. Also gotta get my knuckles finished for my crossover steering. My blazer isn't a rockcrawler, but, I am sick of all the morons around here that are in a "biggest penis contest" for the tallest truck... It's retarded. I want something thats going to function well in the mud sand and hills, but most importantly, not beat the shit out of me like every other truck around here does with their 8" hard as a rock lift springs, that suck with their stock motors, stock gears, and stock everything else but a bunch of 6" lights and some I-beam bumpers with 1/4 tread mud tires and jerry-rigged lifts.

Sandman, what Shocks are you running on that blazer? Did you make shock hoops to mount them, or just move the factory shock hanger forward.

What did you do about a driveshaft, being that its going to need more spline to move in and out more than a regular driveshaft?

I have tons of questions to ask.... but i figure that's a decent start for now.
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Welcome to the board. :thumb:

I'm running the Rancho 9012's all around. I understand there is a cheaper Doitch (SP?) option for the 12" travel shocks. In the front, I used a Ford shock tower to extend them and in the back I drilled new holes for the shock mounts. My drivelines are custom deals with 12" splines.

There are some trucks around here like that. Seems that people get into a weight contest or something. :mrgreen:

Good then you can explain it to me. That was a long time ago.
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