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Lehi and myself set out yesterday morning to go and attempt 2hd with the Blaze. With video camera rolling I popped up the first ledge without too much trouble, then made it past where I broke my jeep, then up the second ledge after getting realigned. I finished the top pretty easy after packing a front tire in the air. As I rounded the corner I throttled around and felt the front end go skyward as I forgot about the small ledge there, but I just powered out and held on.

Two things I learned on this run:
1. A front locker would have made me use the skinny pedal less....
2. A worn out 5.7 with a crawl ratio of 27.4 (3.06*1.96*4.56) doesn't mix with 44's very well.

Hopefully my Eaton E-locker will be in soon as well as the 241 doubler kit which will net me 76:1:thumb:

Either way, this is the first time the Blaze ever made up the first ledge after being denied three times before. Plus I had to back down the first ledge to let a broken rig get out.

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