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Finally got my junk out of the garage..

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It made it. It's outside. It's even back from the driveline shop. My husband even drove it to work this morning.

Just a few small things to finish before Moab -

Hang some rear shocks (the mounts are already there)
Wire up the elockers (already got the stuff)
hang some flaps and slap on a spare tire.

After Moab there will be some things that need to be attended to:

Front Tcase shaft bearing is nasty (thought it was the front driveline slip last year, glad we've narrowed it down to the Tcase) - already have another tcase, just need to put it in.. will do it after moab
Need clutch and flywheel turned (clutch chatters on flywheel)
Should eventually rebuild or replace engine or just a head job.. (leaky valves smokes like a chimney)

AND.. I'd like an exo cage.


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Thats AWESOME I should have my junk driving around tommorow getting tight for Moab though. Not to hijack the thread but everyone going to Moab should post pics so we know who to look for. I will get some pics later and post them. Did I day your kicker looks awesome :rotfl: :rotfl:
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