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feb 21st

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bruneau canyon in mountain home. meeting at the chevron station on airbase road, if you need pm me for more details. It's not a terribly difficult trail, there is a section at the end for the better built vehicles to play on. Trail length is about 12 miles.
edit: as of wednesday we've gotten quite a bit of rain so it's going to be a bit sloppy out. Nothing to stop the run, just don't wear your good boots

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there is a section at the end for the better built vehicles to play on.
:firedevi: :firedevi: :thumb:
does this mean I'll get to try out the new winch :thumb:
mike i hope not, but it is possible. I'll be sure to bring my camera :mrgreen:
I had an absolute blast! The run went great! There was a great turnout and some fun obstacles. It was crazy watching MuddinMike pretzel his radius arm and bracket. I got some good video footage of the waterfall action. (Including Mike) I'll bring it to the meeting Tuesday. However, I didn't get any digital pictures. So, if anybody has some, post em up! Thanks again, Dave!
I have a few so I will post up tomorrow.
yeah i had fun right up till the drive back to get my truck and i got a ticket :banghead:

anybody want to buy a slightly used bronco :firedevi:
I got a couple good photos myself, but i probably won't make the meeting so i'll bring them next time. If anybody wants to e-ail me pictures they took it'd be appreciated.
thank you for helping me out dave and picking up the lights for me. I really appreciate it. If you need the cash, if you give me your address i can send you a check sense you wont be at the meeting.

We have a great group of guys in the club!

not a problem mike, and if i'd known what path you were taking to get to the bronco i woulda helped you the rest of the way. I'll pm you my address.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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