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Extreme zuk build up!

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Well today we are starting on a build up of an 86 samurai....

Build up will include the following...

d44 axles front and rear
ARB's and 5.38 gears
High xover steering
Wheelbase stretched
Tube front clip
Tmax winch
Full cage and sliders
front and rear tube bumpers
35-37" tires
bead locks
6.5:1 tcase
Billet Tcase
1.6 16v motor
PRP seats
Kick steering

Lots of cool stuff...

Here is where we started today..

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Is that gonna be Ambers new rig??? :thumb: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Nope its a customers rig :thumb:
Well some updates on this build up..

Had a couple of projects to finish up before we could get into this one...

We used Sky's Wrangler Spring swap for the rear.....AWESOME product!
Rear springs are 1.5" extreme duty RE YJ springs.

Fronts we arent sure yet what we are going to use....

Stripped the front down for the tube work and the frame extension too..

Possible spring....

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Thats quite the spring!

Looks like a cool project. What I really like is that lift. Everyone should have one of those. :beer:
a pic of the start of the frame extension..

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long =flex :mrgreen: that looks like a cherokee rear?
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