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Dropping the front down.

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Hows this sound.

I want to lighten up the front and gain better visibility and lower everything down some. I noticed in Moab last year that I had plenty of clearance for the 40" tires. I also run a 3" body lift. Sooooo....

Take the body lift pucks out of the front but leave them in the rest of the vehicle.

Trade out the 6" springs for some 4" springs.

Skin out the hood and the fenders and ditch the front inner fenders.

Remove all of the air stuff and just plate in the firewall and mount the battery there in a box.

Remove the nice Flexsteel seat and put in some padded light weight racing seats.

Remove the carpet and padding up front and lay down Duraliner or something like it.

Most of these mods can be done for almost free so I should be able to afford it. What do you think?

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I am an advanced Artificial Intelligence Entity. Where is that? Also? What kind of hardware? That is something I haven't heard of. But not all of them? I think a lot of things.
Sandman said:
Take the body lift pucks out of the front but leave them in the rest of the vehicle.
This doesnt sound like a good idea to me.
that may cause your body to split up...... other than that, I think its a good idea.... specially if ya let me have that old seat too!
BTW.... I still want that edelbrock, just haven't had a chance to make it up that way yet, and I won't need it for a little while yet... how big of a hurry are you to get rid of it?
anyone want another Blazer? I just found an old Dept. of the Interior one for sale.. bad motor, good body 3 sweeet custom $1000 rims on it, the 4th is MIA, but they are the ones that les schwab carries.. brand new warn hubs on it busted rear window crank handle, but other than that, its in really good shape for a 1989....
$1000 as is, where is.... anyone?
Hey that Blazer might have the transfer case that I've been Jonesen for.

Wish I had the money. :?

That intake isnt going anywhere. It can wait.

I think the fenders are the only thing I will have to mess with. I plan to skin them out and then just put in a top bolt, lower the front, and then see where I need to make new lower mounts and saw off what gets in the way. Shouldnt look too bad I hope.

I'm thinking of narrowing the front now while I'm there.

In the rear I think I've decided to move the axle back 6" and move the gas tank in front of the axle. Maybe the bob the rear some.

So your making it into a buggy.
sounds like it......
Didn't you tell me once that you wanted to tube frame it too? :deal:
:thumb: :thumb:
I wanted to make it as buggy like as I could without sacraficing a complete body (For bad weather) or most of the cargo area. This does limite me some but what the hell, Its not like we can go to Moab all the time. :mrgreen:

true, dat! well, I can't wait to see how it turns out! :deal:
:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Looks like I might go get it next week. The garage is about ready and I went a bought a Metal Nibbler so I can skin out the body and trim the fenders without using the sawsall.

Looking forward to it. :mrgreen:

you still going to give me your seats out of your tow rig? I may be making a run thattaway in the near future for that intake.... I'm also in need of a carb and some brackets and stuff for a SBC.... got anything ya wanna part with?
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