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Selling my drivelines off of my Blazer. They are both Arizona units with the long travel splines. The front (short) has 1310 joints on each end. The CVC is a high angle version that uses 1310 to 1330 joints to get the better angle. Cant remember what the tube is but I've never killed one. The rear is the same but has a 1350 yoke on the end for a 14 bolt axle. There is such a thing as a 1310 to 1350 conversion joint so it could be run on 1/2 ton axles.

The front is 23.5" compressed from the ujoint center point to about 33.5" extended. Front is a little loose on the splines but its been that way for years.

The rear is 43" compressed to 53" pulled out.

Also included is a high angle yoke that goes on the back of a 205 transfercase (1310 to match the driveline). I also have some spare 1310 to 1330 joints (never used them) and some spare 1310's I can throw in.

Asking $300 for the whole setup.

Also, I have two TH350 to 205 T-Case adapters. The first I just pulled out and is complete. The second is just the shell and I had it for a trail spare and never used it.

Asking $125 for the complete and $100 for the trail spare.

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