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Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2007 8:19 AM
Subject: Dispatch from the Field - BRC Moab RMP/Travel Plan Update


This last week I've had the distinct pressure, er... I mean pleasure, of traveling through Southeastern Utah and Western Colorado meeting with OHV people and groups talking about the Moab RMP and Travel Plan.

I say pressure, because I've got a new bike in tow (new for me anyway -- a '05 KTM), and the weather has been fantastic, (highs in the high 60's - low 70's)... but I've been too busy to ride!
Fear not, dear BRC supporter, after I finish blasting this update I'm forgetting all this land use stuff and hooking up with a couple of BRC members from Denver, and we're hitting the trails!!
Many thanks to everyone who has been emailing us with copies of their letters and sending donations!
Brian Hawthorne
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 102

PS. I spent some time with the Moab BLM's planning team this week, and I'll have an important update with clarification on their plan as well as info about some errors on BLM's maps next week. Keep an eye on your inbox!

November 10, 2007

"Quite 'yer whining - get to writing"

Here is an email I got from a guy I used to ride with when I lived in Utah:
Dear Brian,
I'm working on my comment letter but there are a bunch of guys here at Rocky Mountain who ride the Dubinky trails that can't figure out your action alert and won't write. Can you do a form letter for them?
Dave Deschamps,
Rocky Mountain ATV (

SORRY DAVE... The "click and send" form letter deal is a LOSING GAME!
BRC will not waste your time and your donations playing any game that isn't effective in helping us protect our trails from closure. Period.
Please try to understand, the Moab BLM crafted their process deliberately so that they can "round file" that click and send malarkey.
I wonder.... What will we tell our kids? That we can't ride the White Wash Sand Dunes anymore because we were too busy to spend a few minutes writing a letter?
Think about it...
"Message Received!"

On the other hand.... We are going to respond to some members who like to focus their comments on their OHV "flavor of choice" (single track, ATV, 4x4, mountain bike, rock crawler etc).
And in response to the brutal criticism that our Action Alert was way-too-long:
Message received!

We'll shorten the dang thing up and blast a revised version on Tuesday. Happy now??
"There's gonna be a PARTY!!"

I met with a family in Grand Junction, Colorado, who has generously donated to our Moab Partnership and they wanted to do something more to help get comment letters in to the Moab BLM.
Our donor family has agreed to sponsor all of the cost for a letter writing party, next Thursday, November 15, 2007, at the Two Rivers Convention Center!
A Wild West BBQ Dinner of beef brisket and BBQ chicken, catered by the Convention Center, will be provided. YUMMY!!
Ric Foster, BRC's Public Lands Dept. Manager will get the details out in an email later today. (Can you believe the guy volunteered to come in on his day off???? RIC FOSTER RULES THE EARTH!!!)
"You gotta be joking!"

An avid dirt bike rider I know called me and honestly thought I was making the stuff up about what the BLM is planning for White Wash Sand Dunes (BRC White Wash Details Here).
I wish I was...
Here is a clip from an email I got from him. (Note that he is familiar with the BLM's Special Recreation Permit process.)
"Individual Special Recreation Permits will be required to camp/ride at the Dunes??? Does that mean that on our annual spring break trip to White Wash my kids and I will have to submit an application 180 days in advance, pay a fee, submit an operation plan, pay for an archeological study and provide insurance?"
BLM's document would indicate that IS what will be required, but Moab BLM staff says it will be more like the River Rafting Permit process.
Frankly, I don't give a dang what they say anymore. I only care about what they write in their management plan. And what they are writing for White Wash Sand Dunes is outrageous!
The White Wash Sand Dunes has been a popular OHV destination for decades. The Moab BLM's attempt to impose some incredibly stupid and unworkable management plan is just a sneaky underhanded back-door way close the Dunes.
BLM's new motto: "Welcome to your Public Lands. Now go home!"
New Stuff...

Clif Koontz from Ride with Respect is my new personal hero. He has taken the time and effort to delineate a proposal to designate an additional Mountain Bike Free Ride area, a Trials Motorcycle area and a Rock Crawling area South of Moab near the (reportedly haunted) "Yellow Circle Mine" area.
This is something we mentioned in our way-too-long Action Alert (It was actually Clif's idea). But Clif took the time to meet with enthusiasts, incorporate their input, and put the proposal down in writing and maps. The bro is on it (as they say in Moab).
Clif's organization is doing great things for motorized and non-motorized recreation in Moab. They have earned your support. Please click this link and buy some of their maps and stickers. Or better yet, just send them two-tens, would ya?
New "interactive" map website active today!

BRC wants shout out a special thanks to Will Allender for his exceptional help in preparing maps for the Moab planning effort. Will is Lifetime BRC Member from Colorado and an avid single-track trail and dual-sport motorcyclist. Will also is a member and supporter of the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) and helps with their TiGER Team program.
Anyway, we had a lot of folks contact us about how to overlay BRC's Moab maps CLICK HERE, so Will helped us out by setting up an interactive website where you can look at the maps and turn on and off the different layers. Awesome!
Now, please be patient with us here. This the first time BRC has done anything like this. Consider this a beta version. The site will be updated with new information and layers as soon as they can get them uploaded.
BRC Moab Interactive Map Website:

The image that loads is on the Whitewash area. I-70 is the thicker gray line running across the top. Highway 191 is running down the right side. White wash is pretty much centered on the map. The thick red lines are the Alternative C Motorcycle Routes. Gold lines are contours.

You can use the navigation tools across the top to pan, zoom, and turn on the legend on the left side of the screen. The legend button is the second button from the left that looks like a menu. Once you get the legend turned on, you can toggle off/on Alternative D motorcycle routes and see the difference with Alt C. Cool, huh?

IMPORTANT NOTE: We haven't finished uploading all of the maps yet so bookmark it and check back daily. Let us know what you think and if you find the information helpful. Any suggestion you may have would be appreciated.

Many of you have wondered about what's going on at the Utah Shared Access Alliance (USA-ALL). It is no secret there has been a bit of turmoil of late.
I'm down right giddy to report that Mike Swenson has decided to put family first and NOT leave the Beehive State (at least for now) to finish up his college degree.
Below is a letter that Mike sent us yesterday with the news that he's back working for USA-ALL.
Everyone at BRC very much appreciates the efforts of USA-ALL, and we are JUST PLAIN STOKED to have Mike back in the game fighting those foundation funded attorneys at SUWA!
Welcome back Mike!!
USA-ALL letter to Greg Mumm:
Dear Greg,
I wanted to write you and thank you for the great work BRC and particularly Brian Hawthorne has done and will continue to do on the Moab RMP. As you may have heard, there has been a change in leadership at USA-ALL and we were briefly distracted by all of the turmoil. With a little luck and a lot of hard work I can confidently say we are back on track.

Over the course of the summer and early fall a group of directors took time to do some house cleaning. We are now much better positioned to do our job more effectively. We still have a few minor loose ends to take care of but that will be worked out in the coming months. In August the new president approached me after hearing of my decision to delay (or even forego) entrance to law school, and asked if I would take up my old position. After some communication and thought I decided to return to USA-ALL.
Unfortunately due to the turmoil over the summer and the work needed to get the organization back on track USA-ALL has not weighed in on the Moab RMP as we should have done. We are catching up fast on that issue. We have however done a small amount of fundraising on the issue, and I felt it best to donate a large portion of that money to BRC. This money should be earmarked for work on Moab related issues only. We have promised our member to do that, and I intend to keep that promise. I however feel that in order to do our members justice and spend their money wisely it is best to put that money into your Moab RMP program. I believe it is best spent there.
If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to communicate please don't hesitate to contact me. Again, many thanks for all you and BRC have done. I look forward to rekindling our great working relationship.

Mike Swenson
Executive Director
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