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Debating over diff gears

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What do you guys think would be best diff gears now or something like a doubler t-case I have 38s and 4.10s right now I think I will stay with the 38s but I would put in 4.88s if I went with the diffs. The Dana 60 is a while away for me so it would be in a D44. :rotfl: :rotfl:
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I think you should just swap me blazers!!
remember with that TH350, if you put those gears in it, your highway driveability is gonna go out the window.. other than that, if you have alternate daily transportation, I say go fer it
I would go with the doubler setup for now. Why waste money in the stock axles. You know that the 38's are going to start eating your stock shafts sooner or later so don't waste money in those things.
and I happen to have an extra NP203 case for sale...... :thumb: :deal: :mrgreen:
I think I will save my money for the doubler. I will want that eventually and I don't think I want to gear until I get a 60 front :rotfl: :rotfl:
ta hell with a 60... go ROCKWELL!! :thumb: :deal: :thumb: :rotfl:
if I thought I could ever afford some 49" IROKs or some 52" Michalens I would but technically the Blazer is my :banghead: :rotfl: wifes so with 38s we will stay :rotfl: :rotfl:
i think I got some pink paint around here somewhere...a dDeVilbiss sprayer too... need me to come over for a weekend?
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
No pink you wouldn't have to wait for me to kick your ass she would do it way before I would :firedevi: . I am currently working on getting it ready for paint if you would like to help. Mind you cheap paint but she wants it looking decent :rotfl: :rotfl:
lol... I could help ya out there, anytime.. just holler..
BTW, I jsut got back from the dump here.. was hauling a bunch of trash out, and saw an older 68-73 chevy pickup upside down, waiting for the crusher... walked over to take a look-see and lo and behold, what do I spy? SM465 transmission still in it! broke every sped law there was going home and getting my tools and runing back over... the SM465 is now in the back of my toyota pickup.. :thumb: AND... totally coincedentally I was surfing ebay this morning and lookee what I found and decided to bid on!

I'm thinkin that the great 4x4 offroad god has a purpose in mind for me and the new CJ5!
I don't know what your sami did to piss you off but you should work on it and leave the blazer alone :finger:
It adapts GM saginaw car type four speed transmissions to any dana model 18 or 20 transfer case
You did see this part right? That wont work with a 465.
the tranny is a 2wd tranny... and I also have a good line on 465 parts, so I can shange the output shaft if needed, so it should work one way or the other..
if not... i'll pick up a different tranny from a yard, and then go on a hunt for a 205 T-case for this one and use it in something else..
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