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Dash repair kit

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Anyone ever used a repair kit to fix your dashboard. They sell one that has a heating unit to fill in the cracks for $40.00. It's cheaper than spending $370.00 for a replacement. I tried one of those covers and it just looked cheap.
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Have you tried the junkyard? I would be worried about color matching on the repair kit.

i had just two cracks, and i have the gray dash.

i used JB Weld and damn if the color isn't close. It's a little lighter, but not bad at all.
I might go to your local (put your favorite brand here)spray in bedliner place some of these places do many different colors you might have to wait until someone wants a grey bedliner. I think that is what I am going to do to my dash. After a little repair work on my part I think that will clean it up nicely :rotfl: :rotfl:
you can mix a little black paint of almost any type into the jb weld,
and it'll match exact with a little effort. a drop at at time. tried that this weekend. used model paint.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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