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Cut the roof off.

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I think I might do it this weekend. :thumb:

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:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
lol... u sure ya don't wanna just stop right there and build a tube buggy? :deal: :deal: :deal:
:rotfl: :rotfl:
:finger: :finger:
on a side note... I went up and looked alot closer at my 1989 blazer, and theres only a drop of oil on the dipstick, and its THICK and black.... not good.... Also, the tranny fluid looks like engine oil as well... so I can count on at least rebuilding a tranny, as well as possibly rebuilding the motor... but still, for $250 and a very nice body, I'm not too dissappointed..
I've gotta wait untill the kids wake up before I fire up the sawsall.

For $250 it would have been worth it anyway. :deal:

damn... I wish Poky wasn't so far off, I'd love to come over and assist in the destruction, lol...
Its done. I weighed everything and it was a total of about 70 pounds lost. :thumb:

This thread is extremely gay without pics. :finger:
OK corndog. :mrgreen:

Here are some pretty bad pics. :?

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love them purty tires... :thumb: :thumb:
:finger: :finger: :finger:
Looks good. Looks like the early blazers now. :twisted:
now ya just need to buy my 74 blazer and you can have all those spare parts, PLUS the full top!! for you, special price of $600!!! :deal: :deal: :deal:
Looks uhhh... good... :thumb:
AJ Johnson said:
now ya just need to buy my 74 blazer and you can have all those spare parts, PLUS the full top!! for you, special price of $600!!! :deal: :deal: :deal:
Top wont work when I get done with the backend. :mrgreen:

Are you going to put some sort of soft top on it?? :?
Hes going to use a top from a 73-76? Blazer. The ones with the full top. They are way cooler than the later model K5's with that removable targa top.

Not to mention the better ability to stand up in your seat and look down over the hood to see what obstacles you are fixing to come upon... :thumb:
I don't think he's going to use a hard top at all. the blazer I'm trying to sell is a 74 with the fully removeable top like you are talking about. :thumb:
Yeah, no top for me.

I plan on having the full doors with a bikini top. The rear is getting pinched in to the frame rails. I might come up with something that I can snap onto the rollcage to seal up the rear of passenger area for bad weather. I'll have to look at that when I get closer to getting it done.

Hey now. :mrgreen:

I hear there is a shop in Blackfoot that can make custom tops for a reasonable price. I will be checking it out as I will need a top as well.
Yeah, I would like to get a soft top. That hard top on my Patrol is just WAY too friggin heavy.

doors+top=500lbs!! :roll:

My 4-wheelin buddy is supposed to be getting a HMMV soft top for me so I can cut it down to use on my Patrol.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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