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Hey all. I'm From Tampa, Fl and this August My wife and I will be driving out for a month to explore Idaho. We will be taking a week out and a week back so we will have 2 weeks in Idaho.

We have been doing alot of research on Idaho and we are excited since this is our first time out to your state. We will be coming from Salt Lake and have planned on doing a mix of OHV and Canoeing. SInce we are avid outdoor junkies we will be camping almost the whole trip. We plan on coming up through Logan to the Bear lake area. Then make out way up through Soda Springs, and Swan Valley From there head to Island Park area to do some canoeing around Big Spring. From there we want to head up28 and do the lehi pass trail near Tendoy (just for historical impotance) and then up to Darby Montana to hit the Magruder trail.

A few questions for those in the know.

1) Are there any must do OHV trails, canoe trips, or points of interest along that general route.

2)Have any of you been on the magruder trail and if so how is it.

3)when completing the the trail what is the best way back to SLC. My wife is flying home we would prefer something fairly quick but scenic.

4)Is it worth trying to squeeze in Craters monument if possible? We would rather spnd more time in a few places then less time in more places.

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Here is some info on Magrudor that I posted elsewhere recently. We ran it 31 miles from the west side and 28 miles from the east side last year-the week before 4th of July. 8000' had 4' snow drifts on the north facing slopes.

I was just doing some talking about this tonight. There is a great place to rent cabins reasonable about 4 miles from Elk City.
208-842-2597 or 2557
[email protected] is email
thinking they were around $55 night for two bedroom, fully furnished with kitchen and linen etc
Great spot for a base camp.
17 acres of parking, tents allowed, campfire allowed, pets allowed
General store in Elk City has gas, ice, snacks; regular grocery in town too.
Saw 30 some whitetail and some elk within a 2 mile radius of cabin, in a one hour paved road cruise.
There is also the Elk City Wagon Road trail there.
I was thinking the week or two after the 4th, maybe just use it as a base camp and go from there. i don't think I want to drive the flattie all the way through Magrudor one way though. I would have to get it from Darby home or such.
We saw 5 or 6 really nice campgrounds in the first 30 miles of the Magrudor trail.
From what I saw of the trail, it is basically a decent gravel road with a few tight turns. Fire season may cut the road off early in summer.
Link to last year trip report

more info on Magrudor

Elk City Wagon Road info

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Getting back to SLC is a piece of cake. You can just head down I-15 to the airport. Takes between 2.5 and 3 hours from Pocatello or so.

So you will be comming through Soda to Swan Lake? That route takes you real close to Jackson Hole, WY and its worth swinging up the river and back into Swan Valley over the pass and through Victor. You can also go to Island park on that way.

I know some pretty good camping outside of Soda on the East side (we go there every year).

It might be worth checking out Craters of the Moon also. Going out to see that will take you through some desert and you can drive up one of the old Buttes and see everything.

You might also want to hit Lava Hot springs and enjoy those. About 30 miles from Soda and there is camping there also.

There is TONS to do outdoor up here. You wont have enough time for it all.

Meadows Lake off of Galena Summit is a good place to go camping also. Thats north of Mud Lake.

If you are there, then you have to also see Sun Valley also.

I could go on and on........ :smokin:

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What these guys aren't telling you is that you have to drive through the crappy part of the state before you get to see the good stuff!:rotfl: Just kidding but if you take the interstate in from SLC to Boise it's true.

I lived in Jacksonville for two years. Nice place to visit but I don't like all the bugs and humidity. Welcome.
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