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clutch fan or flex fan

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Which one do I pick :rotfl: :rotfl:
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clutch. Especially crawlin around at high rpm/low speed. A flex will flatten out with more rpm's and not push as much air through the engine bay.
3 wire tauras electric.
Clutch or the fans of off a Ford Windstar if you want electric.

I'm taking the flex off of my Chevelle and going to a clutch.

The past and future are one. What was it like before your at 35 mph you shouldn't need a fan and after allwhy do they call 'em HOTRODS ?
Since Rockcrawlers are low speed machines i would suggest either a clutch fan or electric fan. the other fans will just use power that should be going to the wheel.

Also Hotrods are streetdriven vechile that either goes fast, looks good, and are not stock. if it does something else then that it is called something else.
I am just going to get a replacment clutch fan. I have to much to do to change anything. It seems when I change one thing its a snowball effect. For instance got some cheap chrome valve covers Oops now I know where the enging is leaking from lets paint some stuff while we are in here. Holy cow the whole front end is apart what the hell was I thinking :rotfl: :rotfl:
Hot rods run at high speed most of the time? I had a 64 Dart with a transplanted 340 six pack and I was cruising slow most of the time to show off. Or cruising very slow in the staging lanes :rotfl: :rotfl:
That sounds better than cold rods run at high speed most of the time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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