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club run this saturday

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Just a reminder and an invitation to all we are running the lake channel in American Falls this Saturday with Steep and Deep if you are already in Poky or closer to poky than IF meet at the Wal Mart at 9:30 am if you are coming from IF meet at the checker auto on 17th and Woodruff at 8:00 am we will be leaving at 8:15 to get to Poky on time so please don't be late I will do safety inspections as needed both in IF and Poky wherever we have time. This is a really fun place to go. A stock rig can have fun down there and there is some more challenging stuff for the more hardcore :rotfl: :rotfl:
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If the rearend holds up in the Bronco, I'll be there. :thumb:

What is involed in the safety inspections, is there anything I need to be aware of or worry about?
I'm pretty sure I'll be making this run, It'll just be a slow drive down, Jeep no go fast, slow like slug

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Just make sure you at least have some tow points,a strap, first aide kit. Being a non-member you are not reguired to have what member have. Hope to see you on the run, Jarrod
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