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I am sure you guys watch the news and have heard about the San Fransisco Mayor doing gay marrieges. Its basically civil disobeindiance Well I think it is time for the four wheel drive community to do some of that. I don't know what yet but we need to make the public aware that the enviormental groups take their money with half truths and their version of everything. I do not think the small advances we are makeing in keeping our roads open is not enough. We are in danger of getting a democratic President this will mean more closures and fast. All of the current canidates supported Clintons land grabs and said they were the only way to save the areas. Save them from what? John Kerry has never four wheeled. Anyway since there are alot of Idaho wheelers on this board and a substational amount of you in Boise mabey we should organize something. Any ideas. We are pretty lucky here we have a governor who somewhat supports off roading and good reps and senators. Anyway I think we should take a page from history the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I thinks its high time for some change. Just my opionon. If anyone will support a drive or rally in Boise I will take charge of it and try to orginize it Just let me know what you think :rotfl: :rotfl: :firedevi:
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