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I am looking to get another vehicle to drive around while i'm working on my cruiser and saw a '88 chevy 1500 for $1000 dollars on craigslist.
I'm not too familiar with what problems chevy has and if there is anything that i should look for besides the items posted that he says is wrong. I should be able to fix most of the things that is wrong with it now since i work in a shop and have access to a lift and tools. So, what should i look for when i go and look at it tomorrow?

What next?
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sounds like a decent deal, that front diff most likely will need replaced, it would be a 305 not a 302.

parts list looks like

clutch set
cv shaft
front diff

typical reason for no 4x4 is the actuator in the front diff (common failure)

check the tranny for play, the early nv4500 had bearing issues in 3rd gear.
intake gaskets are also known to leak.
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