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OK, here goes.

I own a 99 Silverado Z-71 X-Cab
She's a little on the fat side for weight and the front suspension is notoriously weak. Bad combination if you know anything at all. The truck has fared really well in numerous jaunts to various wheelin spots around WA. Which means, I've dodged the bullet so far. I've beaten the damn thing to it's limits, but so far, I haven't passed them. My only really serious damage is to the frame. It's torn in two places in the rear, and twisted in the front. But that's not the issue. Suprisingly!

The question here is, does any "chevy expert" here have any knowledge of anyone in the wheelin world that makes an upgraded plunge socket for the non-HD 99-up IFS? Now, I know the HD parts won't swap over, but what about the non-HD 2500? Also known as the heavy 1/2 ton. A company in cali that was named in the latest petersons mag makes half shafts, but they aren't my concern as of yet. It's the socket on the front diff that holds the triple joint side of the half shaft. I need help in locating someone who makes these. Anybody?

So you know, the truck isn't going to be the primary wheeler anymore. It's going to be the packrat/tow rig. I intend to get an e-locker or air locker in the front soon, but with the explosion prone plunge sockets in place, i'm hesitant to do so.
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