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CBI says thanks

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I thought I would have a customer appreciation day, only instead of hanging out at the shop, let's go wheelling :thumb: :thumb:.
Let me know what you guys think (when, were). I would love to meet some of you guys from Boise, everyone is invited. :mrgreen:
let me know what you guys want and I will try to put it together :thumb: :beer:
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I say a big trip out to the Lakechannel again. That seems to be the place that most of us are testing your product :mrgreen:

But lets wait until it gets a little cooler and until Paul has his gears and lockers in!!!! Maybe that would be the perfect time to do the overnighter that we were thinking about doing out there. :thumb: Wheel all day and huge bond fire at night..... :thumb:
I was thinking up to Challis area or Providence Canyon, UT. The Lake channel would be fun as well.
I'm thinking maybe around the middle of september, I should have my buggy done by then :thumb:
why don't you come down here, i dunno all the details but we're supposed to be putting on some big shindig around that time
Thanks for the invite, keep me posted. :mrgreen:
I most likely wont make it. :?

The middle of September will be right in the middle of Moab crunch time for me. :thumb:

How about providence canyon august 28. I hear the utah chapeter of TTORA will be their.
well guys, it looks like everybody is busy with moab and other big runs this fall so maybe we can do some sort of snow run this winter :thumb:
I don't think I'll be able to make it
to the jamboree in september (way too busy) :( but I will be donating a $300 gift certificate to be raffled off :thumb:

thanks, Steve.
I like snow wheelling :thumb: we'll see if we get any this year :?
I love the snow too.... I wanna take some people up in the mountains above St.Anthony to play around later on.......4th of July canyon.... anyone interested?
Winter wheeling is sweet gonna be different this year though no zuk just a big heavy fullsize for me. We definately need to get something together though Just come up with a date Steve and I say the rest of us work around it :rotfl: :rotfl:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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