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car show participants

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Hey guys, (you know who you are :razz: ) who can I count on for the show in pocatelo, the weekend of the 31st of july? I'd like to see everyone there. :beer:
It's pretty cool to see the response to the no armor all, I get used hard look of the vehicles, people dig it :thumb: ,but we still haven't won any trophies yet :angryfir: :angryfir:
Thanks all, let me know :mrgreen:
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I should have no problems steve let me know the details. :beer:
I was going to run my Nitro car in a race that weekend but it looks like not too many people are going to show up to that.

Count me in! :thumb:

Thanks guys, Brant will have more info soon. 8) 8) 8)
Sorry guys, they want way too much for a vendor booth for this little fish
to shell out right now :banghead: maybe we ought to look into having a 4-wheel drive only show, anybody think we'd get a very good response?
Well thanks for your support anyway, maybe next year, or keep your eyes open for any other shows here close. :thumb:
I really like your idea Steve, I think that one of those is long overdue for this area... If that is something you think you'd like to put together, let me know and I'll help you with whatever you need getting it all set.. :beer:
You really do? You are not the only one. Yes I am proud of my idea Steve he or she think that one of those is long overdue for this area. I follow your logic.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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