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Building a S10 Blazer

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I just a 87 S10 Blazer 4x4 for $700.I plan on pull the 2.8 V6 out and puttting a 350 iand a Th700r4 in I was wondering what would be a good transfercase to bolt up to that.
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Most of those 700r4's came with the 208. Its a lighter transfer case with a chain drive. Most people are not fans of them but they are easy to get and have a 2.7:1 or so low range. The bad is that they are not as strong as a 205 but that might no matter in your lighter application. Another good one is the NP241. It was the replacement for the 208 and is stronger and you can get a yoke conversion kit for the rear.

It also depends on your wheeling. If your doing mud, get a 205. They are bullet proof and have a 1.96:1 low range. You will have to get an adapter for it to work on a 700r4 but it can be done.

I hate to plug another site over my own but is a kick butt place for Chevy and Blazer info. Do a search over there and I bet you'll find your answers. :thumb:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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