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So I decided today to put in my new axle shafts that I broke in hole 13 last weekend. I was only going to do replace the axle shaft, but my ball joints had a little wear, so while I had it apart, I went ahead and did those too......

My old axle shaft broke because the u joint caps were turning slightly and rolling out the retaining clip. I would have to smack them back in every now and then. The caps spit out, and I hammered on it and that's why it broke. The ujoint was still tight and in good condition before the failure.

The inner shaft is still usable, and I am going to keep it for a spare. I replaced the inner shaft, outer shaft, and a new spicer ujoint. Thought about how to keep the cap from spitting out again, and I tried to use full circle clips, but OEM shafts aren't machined for this. So I ground a small groove and tack welded each cap to prevent them from spinning and spitting out the clip again. Hope it works, will find out if there are any problems with doing this, but it seems like an ok idea right now. :thumb:

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