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Blt2krl.... D60 info

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Did you degree your D60 up a bit for u-joint relief? I had mine at full droop using the stock springs and 96 GM rear 3/4T shackles and seems the loop of the slip yoke u-joint is resting on the 1310 yoke of the D60...just curious....thanks
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Todd, I don't have a dana 60 bro. This year it is in the works. You have any pics. Not visulizing what your saying very well. Just curious what was your pinion angle on your 44 and what is your angle on your 60? Sorry I can't provide info Todd.
No problem Paul... thought you had the 60...

I had angled my 44 up 3 degrees and then a bit more with the GM shackles and didn't come as close as this from what I remember. I do know that the 60 is a bit longer, making the driveline angle a bit steeper as well as shorter.

If I have time... I'll snap a pic at full droop and show ya... nothing a little shaving won't fix I'm sure... 8)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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