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BLM Public Meeting Wed 7/21

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The BLM is hosting a public meeting on July 21st at the Nampa Civic Center from 6:30 - 10:00 p.m. The topic of discussion will be the Owyhee Front. Specifically, the BLM is seeking comments and giving feedback on the trail inventory and route designation process that has occurred over the past year as part of their transportation plan for the Owyhee Front.

If any of your membership has any interest in attending please do. Also, the BLM is looking for mailing address and contact information for other 4x4 Clubs in the area. I can put any of you in direct contact with the BLM or relay your info to them if you'd like. Please let me know.
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More info on the meeting-

BLM Route Designation Information Workshop
Nampa Civic Center, 311 3rd Street South, Nampa, Idaho
6:30 pm-9:30pm, Wednesday, July 21, 2004

1) To understand the BLM's route designation process and why route designation is necessary, and how it ties to the Resource Management Planning currently underway.
2) Provide information on how the route inventory can be accessed.
3) Understand the method for commenting on the draft route inventory and route designation alternatives. A "how-to" for individuals and organizations to be involved in the process.

According to Jim Schmid, BLM Recreation Planner for the LSRD, "Route designations will determine which roads and/or trails will remain open, which will be closed, which will have seasonal restrictions, and what types of uses are best suited for the areas."

An agenda for the July 21 workshop is posted on the BLM website at
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Missed you guys at the meeting last night. Sorry nobody could make it out as it was very informative. There were four of us representing 4x4's from the Idaho Offroad Club and the NW Cruisers but it would have been nice to have a greater presence for our sport.

Anyhow, this meeting was more just an informative workshop to let the interested public know what's planned for the future in the Owyhee's. The BLM discussed the process of "route designation" in detail and how they go about evaluating routes as well as what their statutory requirements are as an agency. It was comforting to know they are making such an effort to include the public in the process. However, it was also a solicitation. We all need to be involved as much as possible to make sure that we will be satisfied with the outcome of this route designation process. All the more reason for the need for a statewide 4x4 association so that we can have a more unified voice on land use issues like this one.

As part of the process, what we will see going forward is a number of Alternatives published. Each Alternative plan will be available with detailed maps and we will be allowed to give comments which must then be considered by the BLM. We can all expect regular status updates on a quarterly basis as to where the BLM stands on their Environmental Assessment (EA) that is already underway and will encompass the Wilson Peak area first. Check the BLM website for updates and I will also try to let you know what's going on.
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I was planning on going but I was called back to work :angryfir:
I try to make all of these kind of meetings but I dont have regular internet access anymore So I just learned about this one tonight (I check once a month or less) I am disapointed no one in our club went to this :angryfir:

If another meeting comes up regarding the owyhees and ORV's some one please call me as soon as your know about it so I can get the time off from work

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