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Blacks creek tonight

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Thats right Im headed to blacks creek tonight. My buddy Lee finaly got his bronco slapped toghter. So we are going to head out to bash in the mud for a few hours. If anybody wants to come you are welcome to join and it would be good to see a few rigs out there besides us two anyway.

Sandman is supposed to be in around 6:00 or so, and we'll grab a bite to eat, then go play. so maybee out there by 8 or 9..............

Call me at 869-4013 to make sure we are out there if you want to head out.

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Well I can come get you after 9:00pm tonight :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :finger:
well hopefully I wont need the backhoe again :banghead:

think tim would be pissed if we swiped his truck again :rotfl:
Interesting. Why do you hope for he or she will not need the backhoe again banghead think tim would be pissed if we swiped his truck again rotfl
I don't think we would need it since I have some real tires and motor now.
Just don't let Clint try and get you out :rotfl:
Speaking of clint next time you see him call him by his new, C-Clip :firedevi:
mike - see your post here that you are going out tonight -

tomorrow that guy that started ORI is going out to blacks creek to shoot some photos or maybe a TV commercial - something. cannot make it on saturday, but I will give ya a call.
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