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BBC 402

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Does anyone know anything about these engines? From what I can tell, it's basically the same a a SB 400 but with bigger heads and its a BB.

A guy that I used to work with knew of a 67-72 truck with one in it. He was thinking about getting it for body parts for his truck, but the same ones he needed were messed up. He talked to the guy and he said he'd take $500 for the whole truck. It supposedly ran. This has been probably about a year ago, but it might still be there.

I am considering either building the 383 for my K10 or finding a good BB.
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Those BB 400 are basically a 396 with a slightly larger bore. They were in fact a replacement for the 396. I say get it. I like my BB. :thumb:

the 402 is a 396 bored .030 over. There are a pretty good engine. They put 396s in some of the late 60s early 70s muscle cars and some trucks. They are pretty reliable being a small bore big block. The only downfall is that you could get a 400 small block and have about the same power without the extra 300lbs.
I read a comparison a while back in a magazine between the 400 SBC and a 402 BBC, and at low RPM's the BBC had far more torque up till about 2500 RPM, then the SBC caught up. at high RPM they were about the same on HP, but in the end it seemed that the BBC had more torque overall and made power through a wider range of the useable powerband. I don't know if it would be worth the extra weight or not, but if I had one, I'd definately use it! :deal:
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would a BB402 get better gas mileage than a SB400? It wouldn't take as much throttle to get it going as it would the SB400 if it has more torque. Being for an offroad truck you would probably want the extra torque also. My dad has one, maybe I can con him out of it :mrgreen: !!
who knows? if there is a difference, I bet it is minimal... If you can get it, I say go for it! :thumb: :thumb:
OR.... get it and give it to me!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
The main benefit to the 402 that I can see is that the heads flow better. To get some somewhat comparable heads for the 400 I would have to spend about $700.
so.... not gonna give it to me then? :(
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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:rotfl: :finger:
well, that's ok... I still like ya anyhow... :finger:
lol... :rotfl: :rotfl:
The guy sold the truck, so no 402. :( Oh well, I guess I'll just have to build the 383. :firedevi:
402BBC are killer HP engines but with some building it can be a well rouded torque motor to. I am punching mine out to 422. I love 396's some of my fastest drag cars had them.
A 402 is a .030 over 396.
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