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Avatar Help

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I need to know how to set up an Avatar, I have a semi-cool pic of my truck while playing and wanna know how to add it to my profile, where are are you smart ones out there??? I need your help... again!!! :grin:
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I just set it up that you can upload from your PC. check it out in your profile. :thumb:

sweet, next question is how do you now your URL?
Oops. I forgot to build the local directory. Now there is an option to upload it from your local PC. It should be the first option in the avatar section of you profile. Let me know how it goes. :mrgreen:

Thanks you very much, now all I have to do is srink the image down, I'll work on that, hopefully you'll see my pic up soon... : :shock:

Now all I have to do is make it impressive, LOL
SWEET, as you can see, my Avatar is now up and running with thanks to all the help of my friends..., primarily Todd and Matt. Thanks for the help guys... I really appreciate it...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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