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Automatic Transmissions

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Anyone need any help with their Automatic Trannys? I have a bit of experience rebuilding them, mostly GM models.. If ya need help, gimme a holler!
I am also looking for tranny cores so that I can have a few of them rebuilt and ready to go.. if anyone has any that they want to get rid of, let me know please!
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yes I would like to go through my 350 on my blazer sometime. When I changed the tranny fluid I thought the inside of the pan was really rounded out just turned out to be debris and the fluid was blackish thats the right color isn't it :banghead: Anyway I am sure I will be in touch with you at later dates :rotfl: :rotfl:

sounds good to me... I can get all the parts for a complete rebuild of it for about $60-$70....gimme a holler and we'll work something out. I may have a 350 all ready to go here soon that we could just swap in, that would reduce your down time. I'll know more for sure on that one in a week or 2
blazinzuk is a good guy to know. :thumb:


yeah... met him at the meeting last night.. I like all the guys that I met there so far! can't wait to get my rig running and ready to go on a ride with em... I gotta get all the other stuff too to make my rig trail legal. like CB, fire extinguisher, etc...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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