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ARRRRGHH!!! - Part Two!!!!

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Well, we finally fixed the problem of the Jimmy not moving however, it was not satisfied that I had paid enough attention to it and now I have a NEW problem... :banghead:

I took the Jimmy out for a short test drive to check out the funtionality of the tcase. I ran it in Low Lock for a short time, then ran it in Low for awhile, THEN went to High for a couple minutes (less than a mile), and WHAM-O!!! :shock: The Front Drivers side started making a SERIOUS grinding noise. I stopped and checked it out - the chrome cap was blown off the axle hub and more goopy shit was dripping out of it. Now here is the interesting thing - it would not let me drive off in ANY High Tcase gear (High or High Lock) . Everytime i tried, the grinding noise came back and it would not engage. When I shifted the Tcase into any low gear, it drives fine - but you can only drive very SLOW....

I got back to the house, put the truck in drive with the E-Brake on, then shifted the tcase into high so it would make the noise. YOu can physically see the hub "gear" spinning and trying to engage (well, it sounds like its trying to engage)....

So, what has happened here fellows .... Again, I most humbly request your input....

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Sounds like the hub internals are screwed. Unless something goes wrong it should keep the shaft locked to the wheel hub all the time. There should be no engaging or disengaging at all with those hubs.

As for not being able to move in High Lock, it sounds like the t-case is not engaging into the lock position. When in normal high or low all the power will be trasnferred to the wheel with least resistance if traction is lost. May just need to do a little adjusting on the shifter.
Sound slike a blown hub to me too. Those 203 have an internal diff in them and it sounds like the power is going to the blown hub.

Sounds like the last owner negleted it. I bet you find other weird stuff. That sucks. :?

All of them? What does the last owner negleted it sound like? Indeed it does suck.
I gotta agree with ya on the previous owner lacking maintenace skills. I may have to part this thing out yet if I keep getting problem after problem after problem....

At any rate, What is involved in the repair of this problem? Is just a new hub all that is called for? Obviously disassembly is required here and that might provide insight as to what has happened but I've not tangled with one of these before so I was wondering if you guys could tell me what kind of allligator pit I'm getting into here...


As long as the wheel hub and axleshaft arent damaged there shouldnt be much to it.

There are two snap rings that hold the "locking" hub in. There is a big internal ring towards the edge of the wheel hub. It can be a pain sometimes, but what I usually do is stick a utility knive between it and the wheel hub and then pull it out with a screwdriver. The other snap ring is on the end of the axleshaft. You will need some strong snapring pliers that open wide. It's big and usually pretty stiff.

I think this is all there is to it on those hubs. I may have missed something, I've only dealt with those once and it's been a while. :?
Ok, finally got the hub pulled apart but I'm not sure what the problem is. since you folks are the experts here, I took pics and would like you to look them over and see if you can tell what the problem is.

the first pic is of everything that I could take out of the hub without any special tools

the next pic is of the gear from within the hub:

this pic is of the inside of the hub:

Another pic of the inside
Q: are the gear teeth supposed to be this way?

Additionally, the axle shaft can be moved in and out almost 1/2 inch - is this normal?

These pics show how much travel there is:

Let me know what you think....

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Looks like the piece in the second pic is worn out, which is also supported by this: "YOu can physically see the hub "gear" spinning and trying to engage " It also looks like you will need a new wheel hub. The teeth arent supposed to be like that. The axle moving in and out is normal.
I agree. The locking hub will hold the shaft into place. Other than that it will float around some.

Looks like the locking hub wore out and took the wheel hub with it. Bummer.

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