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April Trail Run THIS SATURDAY!

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That's right! It's here already. Cancel everything you had planned and get ready! Here's the info....

Date: Saturday, April 17th

Location: Murphy General Store, Murphy, Idaho 10.7 miles Southeast of Dan's Ferry Service HWY 78

Time: Meet at 9:30am / roll-out at 10:00am

TrailBoss: Doug Anderson

Trail Description:

From Murphy, we will travel southwest into the mountains towards Tiddie Springs and Little Sugarloaf area. We will encounter all types of terrain here. Including, winding and rutted desert roads, rocky climbs and descents, creek crossings, shale slides, mud holes, and snow drifts. Also, heavy timber and vegetation will try to customize the paint of larger vehicles. We will pass by scenic vistas, large rock formations, and natural springs. Our lunch break will be enjoyed on a scenic mountain top with lots of room to play on rock piles and snow drifts. Depending on size of group and speed of travel, we should complete our run by 3-4pm. I look forward to seeing everyone there. It will be an enjoyable day.
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i'll be there, hopefully with my bastard child bronco
I'll be there :thumb:

WOOT WOOT. bout time I got back on the trail.
Take pics doug so I can see what kinda stuff Ihave to deal with out this way,LOL


I'd go but I'm in Cali this weekend
You missed a hell of a good time Jeremy, good time was had by all! Look forward to meeting ya someday, name here's Jessie. I got a 79 K5 Blazer with a six inch lift, 36 inch swampers, spooled rear end and 4.56 gears soon to be going in. Only had it for a year but it's comin along. :deal:

I had a really enjoyable time Saturday. I hope you did too! I want to thank everyone that came and helped make it so fun. I would like to go to that area again sometime and explore it a little steeper & deeper. I'll save that for a later, warmer day. Until the next event, Doug
Yeah I had a great time too. I didn't even break anything this time :thumb:

well actually I still need to figure out what was grinding.

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