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******Sorry these a little late***** Our club secretary (name with held) is a slacker!!!********:rotfl:

Lost Trail Run recap

Lizard Gulch Run recap

Two Headed Dragon recap

City Council Meeting- Thanks to those members that came out to support White Knuckle Racing help reopen the park to motorized use. As of now, only the motocross track will operate, but we will be working towards more.

Forest Service Meeting- Thanks to the members who came out the the Open House Meeting regarding the proposed changes to the route plans within the Boise National Forest. The vast majorities of the changes have involved ATV trails.

Earth Day Clean Up- $100 each was donated by Dennis Dillon and Home and Garden Party (Maria Clark). We are hoping to have guest speakers, and thanks to Rusty and the ATV club for getting the flyers done. Please meet at the Sand Wash at 9 for setup.

Upcoming runs-
St. Anthonys- We will be heading to the sand dunes on May 26, 27, and 28 to camp out and run the dunes. So far we have 7 groups heading over. You will have to pay to camp, and may have to reserve ahead. Thanks to Jason (aka Krazytoy) for helping us set this up. Also, we may run the rock trail as well with the Snake River Offroaders if we can get it set up.

Danskin Loop- We will be running this on May 13. Trail leader will be Rob Montgomery. More info to come at May's meeting.

Just a reminder that anyone going on Lost Trail may receive tickets and/or fines for crossing the non designated cattle guards from the Owyhee County Sheriff. Also, the bypass road on Meatgrinder is closed, if you run the trail, you must turn around and run the trail back down to exit.

Next Meeting will be May 8.

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