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current goal: It should so many km as well as possible behind itself let and can that so quickly it!!

about this item: I have it out of another cache, that I brought found had. Now it is my TB!
the history, from top to bottom
*These caches middle in the Rhine Fischi UNCONDITIONALLY wanted to visit and wanted to swim once again a round. Also well encountered itself that I passed by just here on the return of the North Sea. It will stow the remainder of the trip however prettily with me in the pocket.
*Fischi did not want to remain in the brine of the North Sea, therefore it went back to Bavaria.
*Naja, first of all yet prettily swim in the North Sea. But tomorrow it goes into the fresh water of the Würm.
*And again back in Munich, Fischi a round in the Würm goes swimming.
*Fischi was with me in the Mongolei and might immediately in one of the first caches there.
*Fischi swims far away
*Would have it today out of this environment type strange totally freed. Fischi rests itself now a couple of day in my knapsack, goes it to the "first cache Event in Hanover".
*Knock enough with double head! To swim and in so short time a so far stretch also a recess is valued.
*A fish went into the network and has Knockout by glh and Long Riders, Travelling Tom and Meep Meep Ploink Ploink encountered. Previously the three Skat played. Now double head is at it. Meep Meep Ploink Ploink scratches already with the feet. It wants to Hanover. Whether Fischi there mitschwimmen kan?
*Our first TB we a more little further will bring it already. Many greetings the 7M

hey it's a free translating service, grammer is optional :finger: Looks like one well traveled fish though

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