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Anyone know of a good spot where I can store/work on...

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My brothers house offer fell through so I'm moving into an apartment. I have no room to work on , let alone keep it. Thought about getting a storage unit but then it'd be forever til I could wrench on it.

anyone know of a good spot thats available?

whats left to make it self moble:
firewall cut and welded in
brake booster mounted
clutch master cyl.
lines ran
shock mounts
seat mount and seats mounted
finish mounting beadlocks
wire up TBI
poly bushings for front springs (if i don't do it now I never will,LOL)
rear driveline cut
finish welding front d-line
finish bumpers

that should get me able to have it at the apartment complex and on the trail.
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That sounds like a good deal! I've considered renting a shop before....

if you can get it to mountain home I could probably store it on base for a while, got some connections at the auto skills shop
I am not sure about your hypothesis. It depends on what the meaning of the word "it" is.
Our work rents one off 37th (just barely garden city) for $350 but after my apartment rent and vehicle payment I'm not gaining much fun money. Once my bigger commissions kick in I can afford that. In fact our work is thinking of moving to a bigger one, if that happends I can just get this one. 800 sq ft , one 10' garage door. plenty of lighting and outlets.
bathroom and a seperate room(tools and such) I could move both my 40 coupe and Willy's here and work on em. plus be only 30 feet from the new work office and like 2 miles from the apartment.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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