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Any One Remember There First????

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Any Body Remember There First Vehicle mine Was an 84 Chevy Sprint 4 door With a 3 Cylinder engine Took as much Gas as it did oil to drive. paid 600.00 for it and put 68,000miles on it and sold it for 300.00
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1975 Mustang II. The front was dropped and the rear was jacked up. It was red with a white stripe with a homemade tailfine on the back. Had three layers of window tint and I paid $200 for it. The thing ran great and and traded it off tot he junkyard to get some parts for my Chevelle. Sometimes I still wish I had it. doah

I took my driving test in a ford 15 seater van. Parallel parked it and everything. Then about a year later it was an 87 full size Blazer.
1963 ford pickup 2wd. If I can remember right it had a v-8 that was a 292 or something like that. Loved it but I guess the old man needed the $ more and sold it while I was gone for a couple years :( :(

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my first is still my mine. it is 63 gmc custom 2wd w/ a 305e v6 and a sm-420. i have owned it for 7years now and tried selling it, but it keep finding its way back. now i have said fawk it and going to keep it. since it is a 2wd i'm street rodding it. :finger:
79 toyota 2x4 pickup....killed it a year later rolling it in the mountains by Green Canyon. bought 3 or 4 others just like it since.... still have one.
73 nova SS....automatic...posi...NOT a hatchback...factory tach...console with gauges...

That back seat is STILL a virgin!
'69 Toyota Landcruiser, bought it for $500 and drove it for 2 years and sold it for $1500. 31" Tires open diffs, pretty stock, but would wheel pretty well.
66' dodge 1/2 ton 2wd 318 three on the tree got it when I was 12 from my grandpa learn to drive it around the farm.
80's plymouth reliant K car - station wagon

fawking turd free car

first car that I purchased was an '85 toy pup 4x4 ifs with the carb - all the bad parts that came out that year - I was 14, so didnt know any better

76 mercedes benz 300td!!! 280,000miles, leather sunroof, no radio all for $1000 drove it for years. best damn rodeo cars a kid could have!!!! oh the memories. i sure miss it!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :( :(
Re: mercedes!

cannoncrawler said:
76 mercedes benz 300td!!! 280,000miles, leather sunroof, no radio all for $1000 drove it for years. best damn rodeo cars a kid could have!!!! oh the memories. i sure miss it!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :( :(
Shit, I got one of those!!! a 78 300D, non turbo, no leather tho... sunroof!
just bought a turbo manifold and turbo off ebay for it..
I need some shift linkage rods, know anyone that would have any?
67' F-100 2x4 sold it two years ago. It was in my family 3 generations. 351 windsor, longbed
72' Olds Ninety eight, with a 455 rocket.........mmmmmmmm......big blocks :mrgreen:
First my parents let me drive was a '84 Tempo :banghead:

Currently still driving the first rig I ever bought personally - '76 Wagoneer :thumb:
mine is a 86 honda accord that is smashed hondas are quite :gay: but it is free from the old man so im going to fixit and sell it
64 Dodge Dart with a swapped in 340 six pack didn't know what that motor was worth just knew it was harder than hell for a 13 yr old to keep all those carbs running right :rotfl: :rotfl:
How about a 1963 IH scout with a retro 302 out of a mustang. The only problem was whoever did the swap left the stock clutch in there and it couldn't take the power. The rear axle was already shot when we got it too. Ended up thrashing the front end trying to do donuts in reverse. Oh the memories. :rotfl:
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